Music and Life

English: Classical music. Public domain. Old e...

English: Classical music. Public domain. Old edition. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.”

Music is the beat to which we live our lives. It is an amazing thing composed of little notes and scales that can fit on paper, but with the ability to change and influence the way we react to certain things, the way we drive, how we do certain things, even sometimes our mood. I will happily admit that I am a 100% music junky, I just gotta have it. I cannot sit in a silent car, nor can I sit or stand anywhere else without some sort of background noise…it is actually a condition. However, what I listen to affects everything I listed above.
Some people need silence to calm down, I need classical music or Celtic music. When I’m angry a good grunge or rock band who ‘understands’ how I’m feeling is the best bet. When I am writing…really it depends on what I am working on – for instance with my book I’ve been listening to a lot of rock because that is the tone of the book. When I head to the gym, I make sure I have some good grungy rock on hand to make sure I get the best workout. For everyday listening I’m good with country, oldies, pop, alternative Christian you name it – I listen to it! I hope that when my son grows up, his music taste will range just like mine does.
I honestly don’t believe that there is any one type of music that is ‘bad’ or ‘good.’ It just depends on how the person listening to it depicts it. Of course it also has to do with someone’s individual taste.
So, I leave this post wondering, what is your taste in music? Are you eclectic like me, or do you have a specific preference? What beat does your life march to?