Good Morning All…

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Last to go to bed, first to rise…the mark of a mother. All but the cat and I are still asleep, so I figured I would sit and write a bit as I sip my (yes…you guessed it) hot tea. This is my reflection time…sit back, breathe and plan the day that will never happen. Yes, as a mother anything that you plan for the day will magically not happen at all…especially if your child is stuck in NO stage. But really, I wouldn’t change my son for the world…no matter how rowdy and argumentative he is, I just have to remember that patience is the key…and that stubbornness had to come from somewhere 🙂

He’s got a few scratches from a run-in with the cat. It’s one of those “NO” things. You know “Little man…stop chasing the cat…don’t pull on her tail…let her out from under your bed…don’t pick her up that way please!” *sigh* One day it will sink in…hopefully. Until then, I have the antiseptic on hand, and have stocked up on bandages. Crazy me though, I am thinking about getting a little brother for Luna (yes the kitten’s name is Luna). Then maybe his attention can be directed and divided two ways. Oh and did I mention that the kitten is teething? Huh…who knew?

Since my last post (before last night) we have moved, once again. For a person who had lived most of her life in Virginia (20+ years)…this is a big deal. That was 3 times of relocation within a year…though honestly I had no idea I would wind up back where I began…here in this little town. No, don’t worry, I am not complaining…I’m just saying 🙂 The new house has a pool in the backyard and is covered with a Lanai…so I’m looking forward to teaching my son how to swim this summer. For now, he sticks his feet in the water and holds onto mommy when we decide to take a nice refreshing swim.

So, I am taking life and what it has to throw at me, one day at a time. Starting the day with my tea, making my plans. Here’s to the plans that never see the light of day. The memories that are made instead. And the patience of the mother and kitten with a little guy who just wants to have fun.


A Little Catching Up…

Happy New Year

Happy New Year (Photo credit: James Marvin Phelps)

“Life must be lived and curiosity kept alive.  One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life.”~Eleanor Roosevelt~

I know I had promised to write more previously, and I am not in the habit of making light on my promises…I have to confess, life got in the way.  However, the world did not stop while I was dealing with what my life had thrown at me.

First, the tragedy of many lost children.  I will not rehash the horror that occurred at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14th.  My heart will forever hurt for the families who lost so much right before the holidays.  I was actually informed on this past Friday, the 28th, that I am overprotective.  I will not deny it, but truly, is there any wonder why?  If I tell my son to not wander too far ahead of me, it’s not because I want to stifle him, I want him safe because today’s world is not like the world this particular person grew up in.  We no longer have any regard for the human life as we once did.  I may be overprotective now, but know that it is so he can grow up to be his own person.

Second, the predicted “Doom’s Day,” that was to occur on December 21st.  How many of these predictions have we lived through so far?  Add another tick for this one.  It went on like any other day without a hitch…and we all woke up the following day, December 22nd.  Actually, we (being my family and I) left on vacation on the 22nd.  So here we are heading into a new year…and what a year it promises to be 🙂

Third, I wish to extend a belated Christmas to everyone.  Between the Christmas shopping and wrapping and everything else that happens during the Christmas season…I got sidetracked.  After I sent a picture to someone very dear to me of my son surrounded by his gifts, I was informed that he made out like a bandit.  But, you have to understand, I may have gone overboard because this was the first Christmas in which my son could truly take part in the festivities.  I even wrapped the gifts from Santa in a different wrapping paper, not that he noticed the difference.  Actually we celebrated Christmas in Illinois, then proceeded to celebrate our little family Christmas after we returned home on the 27th.  It all fell together quite nicely 🙂

Fourth, I celebrated my (apparently) 29th year of life.  I do not know how accurate this number is…I lost track once my son was born.  The preggo mommy syndrome struck that part of my brain and it has of yet recovered it seems.  No matter, I suppose later on I can truly claim to be younger than I really am, just simply because I can’t remember my true age.  Yes, I know there is an easy way to remedy this, however, it involves math, and well, math and I just do not get along well at all.

Fifth, I would like to wish every one of you a Happy New Year!!  Seeing as I have no idea how long it will be until I will write another blog.  I do hope it isn’t too long, but you know…life may have a different idea as to what I am able to accomplish in the next few days.  So I would like to close this blog out wishing everyone a spectacular New Year, and many wishes for your safety.  Remember, it isn’t a happy new year unless you arrive with it for some people…

Live life, enjoy the little things, and indulge in compassion – for those less fortunate, for those who need a helping hand, and for those who are lost.

Oh and I forgot to mention that my son was able to enjoy his first snow while we were in Illinois.  He now knows the value of snowballs, and how to make them as well as what ice looks like, and what it feels like to slip on some and fall on your rear-end (not his favorite experience).  I wish I had some pictures to share with y’all but we only were able to get out to enjoy the snow one day and my phone had needed to charge.  But I will forever keep that memory stored in my heart, of my little boy struggling to walk in knee-deep snow and make snowballs with his mittened hands.  Oh the joys of being a mother!! 🙂

Strength Of Tea…And Your Mind

“A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.”
~Eleanor Roosevelt
This is one of my favorite quotes of all time. I’m not quite sure if it’s because it refers to the strength of a woman, or if it has to do with my love of tea. Either way, this quote has always stuck with me, all through high school until now.
If you didn’t pick up on it, I am a tea enthusiast! At one of my jobs back in Virginia, my co-workers always joked that they knew that I had come on shift, when they saw a mug of tea on my desk – and they were right. The minute I stepped in the door, I made a bee-line for the kitchen and made myself a cup of hot tea, regardless if it was winter or summer out. To me, hot tea is a comfort drink, and after spending 45 minutes to an hour in traffic…I needed comfort. Not to mention, I seem to be able to concentrate better with a hot mug of tea at my fingertips.
It’s a great stress reliever for me also. You know the days when you fee like tearing your hair out? Yeah, I’m pretty sure I could support the tea franchise single-handedly those days. (Between the time it takes to boil the water and steep the tea to just the right strength, I find that I am calmer – more able to face whatever it is that has turned my day upside down.) I have to confess though, since the birth of my son, there has been a dramatic increase in the days that I need the comfort and de-stressing properties of tea. Raising a child is hard work, don’t let anyone else tell you anything different, but it’s a good kind of stressful; you know, the kind that brings you peace in the knowledge that when your child gets older, they will take those moments that had stressed you out to the max, and put them to good use.
Which leads me to the other part of the quote – you rarely know a woman, until you have been around her during a hard time in life. Then and only then, will you be able to see firsthand how she deals with being under pressure. Does she succumb to it, or does she stand up and do something about it?
This brings me to another point. DO NOT WORRY about making everyone else happy when you need to make decisions in order to move on. You worry about you first, make sure you take care of you before you start worrying about everyone else. After all, YOU are the one with the situation; not your family, not your friends, nor anyone else – YOU. Once you get you taken care of, then move on to everyone else. However, don’t make the mistake in thinking that you can make everyone else happy while keeping your happiness intact. It just can’t happen, unfortunately.
Above all, don’t expect to get it right the first time, because sometimes you won’t. Know that you are going to make mistakes while dealing with these pressures, it’s inevitable. But always keep in mind, that if you did not make those mistakes, you would not learn – thus, you would make the same mistake over and over, making the situation worse.
Just remember, don’t let someone else solve your problems for you. You will never know what you are capable of, nor will anyone else and you run the greatest risk of being walked on by everyone else. Believe me; you’ve got it in you…just give it a go!!