Another Peek Into My Writing…

“There are many great truths which we do not deny, and which nevertheless we do not fully believe.” ~James W. Alexander~

I started working on Part 2 of my “A Look Into Me”…but then felt compelled to give you all another look into one of my other pieces. This is actually an excerpt from my Guardian series (Chloe, Sylvia, Kael, and Cian). I hope you enjoy…

“…there were gently sloping mountains that surrounded a grassy oasis. A slow flowing river separated a beautiful meadow and a vast evergreen forest. The meadow grass was dew covered and she could see a small purple flower blooming here and there. It was spring time and there were new leaves blooming on the trees surrounding the little meadow. There were a couple of trees on the bank of the river with their roots exposed to the elements, digging deep into the fertile ground. Large rocks were scattered about on the bank of the river also, like they were pushed up by the current. There was a light mist in the distance, heralding the beginning of a new day. A light blue chased the night sky away with a soft purple to tone down the brightness.
While taking in her surroundings, she felt something shift and heard the trees rustling in warning. The sky took on an ominous look, scattering the bright colors of the morning. A darkness swept over her safe heaven, like a giant black bird spreading its large wings to take flight. The wind grew stronger and whipped at her figure standing in the grass – instantly chilling her to the bone.
Weary of what could cause such a change in this beautiful oasis, she scanned the border between the trees and meadow – spotting a willowy figure draped in black, silently standing on the opposite bank among the evergreen trees. Slowly, the figure moved forward, stooped as if it’s bones were no longer able to support even the black it wore. The smell of rotting flesh replaced the once pleasant fragrance of her safe heaven. Gagging, she watched the being move closer.
She was transfixed to the spot she was standing, powerless as she watched everything in its path wither away and die. The trees grew gnarled and lost their needles. The grass turned to dirt and scattered with the wind. The beings face was nothing more than a host of shadows gathered together and writhing under the hood of the its robe, as if they sought freedom from the darkness. It seemed death had found her – her day had come. She suppressed a shiver that threatened to over-take her body.
It was pitch black now, and death was getting closer with each breath she took. Watching it, she knew she would never be able to take a stand against something this dark, this final, even in her dreams. It would swallow her and plunge her into a world of no color, a world of nothing. Panic seized her, and she willed herself to move – one step at a time. Her feet finally obeying, she turned and ran, never looking back, praying she would soon wake up…”

And there you have it folks…I hope you enjoy this dream sequence of Chloe’s. Looking forward to having this one out in the market soon! I know I have said that many times before…but what can I say? Life happened, and my creation once again had to take a back-seat.

“Citius, Altius, Fortius.” ~Henri Martin Didon~


“Who am I, who are you?”

“It’s hard for people to see you one way, but you’re really the other way, so it’s kind of like, ‘Who am I, who are you?’ Sometimes, I confuse even myself.” ~Nicole Polizzi~

*sigh* another piece of paper torn to pieces and thrown away. I, as in myself, am trying to leak out of my writing onto the pages stained with my red writing pen, again. It’s alright, to an extent, I expect it…but I am pushing the limits now.

The clouds cover the moon, the stars refuse to shine. She is woken from her nightmare, taking that first breath of freedom but the smoke lingers in her lungs. She doesn’t look around wildly, trying to remember where she is…she already knows. She doesn’t make a sound, she just takes a couple more deep breaths and turns onto her back to stare at the ceiling. There are no tears, they are useless…they didn’t help her then, and they make no sense now. This nightmare has been her companion for so many years, it’s like an old friend who has over stayed their welcome and can’t catch a hint. There is no shaking or quick glances into the corners where the shadows hide when she gets up, for the shadows of the past are the only ones to fear, and those are always with her. She walks calmly to her son’s room and checks to make sure he’s sleeping and not playing with his toys again. Satisfied when she hears his soft snoring, she goes to the kitchen for a glass of water – the coolness soothes her aching lungs. She finally makes her way back to bed, and lies down. Closing her eyes, she hopes for exhaustion to claim her so there are no more dreams…or nightmares, tonight – but knows that when the light of the morning comes, she will still be hoping, in vain.

She is me, I am her. There is no escaping who I am, who I was, who I hope to be one day. Truthfully, I do not wish to because all of this molded together is…me. There are quirks, there are imperfections, there is even a little craziness…but with that there is acceptance, there is beauty, and there is life. So now, I shall go and live that life to the fullest, laugh – possibly the loudest, and love those who give me love in return. For today I have conquered my past, and live for the piece of time that is this moment.

A Short Excerpt…

To dispel the wondering, and to give you all a look into my book – I am leaving you with this excerpt from my PROLOGUE, which has already been sent in (and finalized!) by the publishers.

She sat staring at the screen, sipping her Irish tea with her laptop opened in front of her. A manicured nail tapped a steady beat on the side of the cup as she scrolled through the search results. She was looking for anything in the form of a link, or a clue, to the string of murders in Temple Bar, Dublin. She knew who, or rather what, was on the killing spree – but she couldn’t figure out what it was using as a host this time.

Not quite normal according to human standards, she had been sent to hunt and kill this entity of evil in the beginning, when Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge. Desperate to return home, she had tracked it each century since, knowing she couldn’t return until her task was complete. Each time she had been close to running the entity to the ground, it would abandon it’s host, returning to the darkness. She never stopped searching though.

It was just her luck that this century published everything on web sites. Unfortunately, the ready information made her quarry more vigilant in covering its tracks. Her ‘sixth’ sense was telling her it was here in her favorite city, wreaking havoc, but everything else was so unclear. For all she knew, it could be hopping from host to host instead of having a primary host; which would be unusual but not improbable.

She needed to find a connection, but it seemed the cops were keeping a pretty tight lid on what was happening (probably to keep from inciting panic). However, from what she could tell, there had been a string of 5 deaths that the police had linked from the bullets found in the bodies – indicating that the same firearm had been used in each execution. The most important piece of information was still eluding her though…what, or whom, had the entity chosen for its host? 

She ran the hand that had been scrolling the cursor on her computer through her strawberry blond hair. Her pale blue eyes flashed with annoyance, she was getting nowhere sitting in front of her laptop. She needed to get out into the city and do some leg work of her own. Time was running out…

And that is all I have for you folks! Hope you enjoyed reading it…I look forward to having my creation published so you can find out what happens…in the end.