Life…and Shrimp

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” ~Lao Tzu

There is never a dull moment in my household. My son got some shrimp to put in his tank yesterday due to the fact that his plants were growing green fur…among some algae eating fish and assassin snails…yes, I said assassin snails…sent in with direct orders to ‘take care of’ the other snails that came with his plants and seem to be asexual because they are EVERYWHERE. Anyways, I just spent 15 minutes rescuing shrimp from his filter (3 are accounted for…the 4th is MIA). For some reason these things love getting sucked into the back of the tank and getting stuck. *sigh* To top it off, they wiggle and squirm when you try to catch them…not my favorite type of animal AT ALL.

So now, I am sitting with my cup of tea, finally starting my day, the right way.

Since the last time I have blogged I have gained a green striped cat due to efforts in painting the kitchen with said cat under my feet. But have no fear, I washed it off during a watering accident out back. (The cat was outside apparently while I was out back watering my plants…it did not end well, but the cat is now green-free). We are thinking about adopting a puppy (Border Collie and lab mix) instead of another cat – we meaning I with my son chanting puppy puppy puppy in the background. I’m just wondering if I would be biting off more than I can chew…Border Collies are herding dogs however, so it just might work out in my favor…maybe.

Well, the day is calling me and I just finished my cup of tea. So off I go…to the next adventure! Do I dare wonder what it might be?


Good Morning All…

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Last to go to bed, first to rise…the mark of a mother. All but the cat and I are still asleep, so I figured I would sit and write a bit as I sip my (yes…you guessed it) hot tea. This is my reflection time…sit back, breathe and plan the day that will never happen. Yes, as a mother anything that you plan for the day will magically not happen at all…especially if your child is stuck in NO stage. But really, I wouldn’t change my son for the world…no matter how rowdy and argumentative he is, I just have to remember that patience is the key…and that stubbornness had to come from somewhere 🙂

He’s got a few scratches from a run-in with the cat. It’s one of those “NO” things. You know “Little man…stop chasing the cat…don’t pull on her tail…let her out from under your bed…don’t pick her up that way please!” *sigh* One day it will sink in…hopefully. Until then, I have the antiseptic on hand, and have stocked up on bandages. Crazy me though, I am thinking about getting a little brother for Luna (yes the kitten’s name is Luna). Then maybe his attention can be directed and divided two ways. Oh and did I mention that the kitten is teething? Huh…who knew?

Since my last post (before last night) we have moved, once again. For a person who had lived most of her life in Virginia (20+ years)…this is a big deal. That was 3 times of relocation within a year…though honestly I had no idea I would wind up back where I began…here in this little town. No, don’t worry, I am not complaining…I’m just saying 🙂 The new house has a pool in the backyard and is covered with a Lanai…so I’m looking forward to teaching my son how to swim this summer. For now, he sticks his feet in the water and holds onto mommy when we decide to take a nice refreshing swim.

So, I am taking life and what it has to throw at me, one day at a time. Starting the day with my tea, making my plans. Here’s to the plans that never see the light of day. The memories that are made instead. And the patience of the mother and kitten with a little guy who just wants to have fun.

I am still here…

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Ony through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” ~Helen Keller~

Hello all…it has been a while. Through hard-drive crashes, finishing up school and getting another certification, enrolling into yet another school to work towards my MD and finish my criminology degree, writing on the side a little, raising a 3-year-old stuck in the NO stage…as my title says, I am still here – though I have found some new grey hairs. To top it off, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to get my son a cat…*sigh* I love the little fur ball, but some days…not so much.

So now, here I am…almost finished the story of Chloe, Sylvia, Cian, and Kael – as well as working on a memoir of my life and a short book of short stories (you liked that, didn’t you…short book of short stories…haha). The memoir, as one of my friends had warned me as well as others, is a hard lot to write about, so some days it doesn’t get touched and the music gets turned up loud to drown out what I can’t put into words until the day comes around where I am strong enough again. Sometimes it takes weeks…the last time I took a breather, it took me a month to start back at it.

The short stories are just a whole lot of mixing and matching. Some are humorous, some are dark, some are action-packed, there aren’t any set genres…just what I felt like writing about at the time I sat to write. However, Chloe, Sylvia, Cian, and Kael will be my masterpiece. Is it just me, or do you other writers tend to get excited toward finishing a book and are already outlining the next for the series? But then sit and think to yourself, “Should there be a next in the series?” So I still sit, write, and plan…then think and stash away my outlines for the next one…maybe one day I will pick them up and start book two…for now, I gotta get book one off and away!

Music and Life

English: Classical music. Public domain. Old e...

English: Classical music. Public domain. Old edition. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.”

Music is the beat to which we live our lives. It is an amazing thing composed of little notes and scales that can fit on paper, but with the ability to change and influence the way we react to certain things, the way we drive, how we do certain things, even sometimes our mood. I will happily admit that I am a 100% music junky, I just gotta have it. I cannot sit in a silent car, nor can I sit or stand anywhere else without some sort of background noise…it is actually a condition. However, what I listen to affects everything I listed above.
Some people need silence to calm down, I need classical music or Celtic music. When I’m angry a good grunge or rock band who ‘understands’ how I’m feeling is the best bet. When I am writing…really it depends on what I am working on – for instance with my book I’ve been listening to a lot of rock because that is the tone of the book. When I head to the gym, I make sure I have some good grungy rock on hand to make sure I get the best workout. For everyday listening I’m good with country, oldies, pop, alternative Christian you name it – I listen to it! I hope that when my son grows up, his music taste will range just like mine does.
I honestly don’t believe that there is any one type of music that is ‘bad’ or ‘good.’ It just depends on how the person listening to it depicts it. Of course it also has to do with someone’s individual taste.
So, I leave this post wondering, what is your taste in music? Are you eclectic like me, or do you have a specific preference? What beat does your life march to?